By Mary Titterton
Friday 25th September 2015

Not having seen the stage show or film before, all I knew about the show was that it was set in an American High School in the 80's and the two musical numbers "Bring on tomorrow" and "Fame". Over the years I have always thought that Splinters should perform it and they certainly didn't disappoint.

Ria Westhead (Miss Sherman), Suzanne Bullivant (Miss Bell), Danielle Smith (Ms Myers), Anthony Butler (Mr Sheinkopf) brought out their specific teacher's character throughout the whole production. Ria and Suzanne's interpretation of "These are my children" was first class. Joshue Holliday (Nick Piazza), Jamie Cooke (Tyrone Jackson), Matthew Bevan (Jose 'Joe' Vegas) and Eli Ingle (Schlomo Metzenbaum) portrayed "the ups and downs" of student life with such commitment. Charlotte Woodward (Carmen Diaz), Jennifer Horsfield (Serena Katz), Emily Hughes (Iris Kelly) and Lottie Valks (Mabel Washington) were extremely convincing in their characters and gave their all in the musical numbers.   Members playing the other characters worked very hard and together with the rest of the "students" made the show up there with the best of Splinters. I noticed that out of the 33 members on stage only 10 were in last year's show and I assume that some of the 23 new members were on stage for the first time - a special "Well Done" to them! This happens on a regular basis with a Youth Group - the 18 year olds go to University and the older ones have to move onto other Societies.

Welcome and congratulations to Daniel Storey on his first production in the big wide world of amateur theatre - he was actually a young member of Splinters before going on to study a degree in Drama, Aggie keeps coming up with "sparkling" and well disciplined choreography. Well done to Steve Myers and band for great accompaniment - always just at the right level. The set worked very well although at times the dance numbers seemed quite cramped in the limited space. The lighting design was very effective, and the costumes were of the period and well thought out.

Well done - looking forward to "Loserville" next year.

Rehearsal Shots