Rock of Ages 2



Les Smth

How refreshing it is to see something completely different. From the word go, in fact from before the word go with the pre-show entertainment, this was pure entertainment. There was only one downfall and it was a big one.................................. the show ended, I am sure the majority of the audience could have sat through another couple of hours, it was so enjoyable.

Starting with the narrator, Lonny played to perfection by Mark Holmes, who kept the audience entertained all the way through the show, even showing off his acrobatic skills at one point, his interaction with his fellow actors was second to none especially with Daniel Storey as Dennis. Both these were able keep the action going throughout and ensure the audience knew exactly what was happening on stage.

There were so many excellent actors in this piece it would be impossible to mention everyone by name here but needless to say every single actor on the stage played their parts to the full to make it a very enjoyable show to watch.

This is not the usual run of the mill show and does call for some exceptional singing in all the parts, especially in the leading roles of Drew, Sherrie and Stacee where we had Adam Walker, Jessica Rose Curr and James Parkin respectively. All these three had to sing the hardest rock songs you can imagine, some of them real belters and others which were rock ballads but they smashed the lot to produce an amazing show, and it was not only these three who were able to deliver the goods, the entire cast had to sing some of the most difficult songs known as well as dance and jump around the stage.

Steve Myers must be very pleased as the MD of this piece, he not only had to teach these difficult songs to the cast but also had to get used to working with a rock band that was also nothing less than brilliant, instead of an orchestra which would form his usual companions in the pit. Steve coupled with Ian Walker as director and Aggie Gryszel as choreographer had joined forces to produce this amazing show.

Many congratulations to everyone involved.

Arsenal - The Onstage Band
MD/Keyboard - Steve Myers
Guitar 1 - Dave Brocklebank
Guitar 2 -  Geoff Alanach
Bass - Matt Jackson
Drums - Dave Timmons
Lowri Anderson
Jamie Cooke
Leah Rhodes-Burch
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